I will be coaching a 6 week Juice Plus+ Challenge this month. Please check out the information below and contact me for any questions or more information. 


“Juice Plus+ Transformation” is a simple plan that brings immediate results and lasts a lifetime with a simple, affordable, ongoing track to run on. 


This program helps transform our bodies by incorporating the power of whole foods into our diets for healthy, life-long living. 


The initial 6 week journey helps us make lifestyle changes by stimulating a “Metabolic Reprogramming”: when you give your body the nutrients it needs and wants, you start to desire healthier foods. The more whole foods we put in our bodies, the better they are able to do what they were designed to do..... Thrive! 


With this program, you may experience better energy, quality sleep, mental clarity, clearer skin, healthier nails and hair, diminished carbohydrate and sugar cravings, improved digestion and elimination, balanced hormones, improved immunity and better workouts and recovery. 


Your weight will also move in the right direction as your body becomes healthier one cell at a time, and as your body is empowered to become cleaner because of your cleaner eating. 





Week 1: One Complete shake daily, 2 healthy meals, snacks, and Juice Plus+ Trio (1)


Weeks 2-5: Two Complete shakes daily, main meal lunch, snacks and Juice Plus+ Trio (2) 


Week 6: One Complete shake per day, 2 healthy meals, snacks and Juice Plus+ Trio (2) 


Healthy lifestyle for a lifetime: One Complete shake a day or every other day; continue to eat clean, drink water, exercise and take Juice Plus+ Trio (2) 


Juice Plus+ Complete Whole Food Shake Mix: Add a scoop of Juice Plus+ Complete powder to one cup of almond milk, soy milk, rice milk, juice or cold water. Stir, shake, or blend until smooth. For added nutrition and variety, experiment with additional wholesome ingredients such as fruits and berries, kale or spinach. Sample favorite recipes: 


  •  8 oz. of OJ with calcium, one banana, frozen strawberries & Vanilla Juice Plus+ Complete 


  • Kale, spinach, frozen banana, almond milk, ice, cinnamon & Vanilla Juice Plus+ Complete 


Main Meal: Eat a healthy, solid meal; a big veggie meal with a small portion of organic meat (if you want meat) or fish; you can eat some small amounts of whole grains (1/2 cup). 


Water: Drink at least half your weight in ounces of water daily to hydrate you and flush toxins. 


Snacks: Eat something every 2-3 hours and do not skip meals. This is the key to success! 


Consider raw veggies & fruits mid-morning and seeds/nuts mid-afternoon. Ideas: sliced apple or pear with 1 tablespoon almond butter; carrot, celery and/or cucumber sticks with hummus; avocado slices with tomatoes & cheese; 10 to 15 raw almonds. 


Juice Plus+: Week 1 take ONE Juice Plus+ Orchard, Garden, and Vineyard Blend capsule (with a large glass of water) at meal times (for a total of 3 capsules daily). From Week 2 on, take TWO Juice Plus+ Orchard, Garden, and Vineyard Blend capsules (for a total of 6 capsules daily). 


Exercise: Crucial to this program is regular physical activity: a 30-minute walk at least 5 days per week at a brisk pace and some sort of resistance training twice per week. The resistance training sessions can take the place of the walk if you are breathing harder than normal during your workouts. Check with your doctor if you have not been exercising! 


Limit (for best results): Refined sugars & artificial sweeteners, processed foods (basically, anything in a box or a bag); soft drinks, energy drinks, alcohol.


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